American Gods Season 3 Episode 5: Wednesday and Shadow Teams Up Again for New Con, Release Date and Spoilers

The new episode of the fantasy drama, American Gods didn’t air on Sunday, which means fans have to wait little longer to watch Episode 5. Starz network didn’t air the latest episode on Sunday because of the Super Bowl LV. The Super Bowl LV, which concluded the 20-21 NHL season, was held on Sunday and attracted huge viewership, ultimately affecting the show’s viewership.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in their first Super Bowl match-up in the history. Along with the game, The Weeknd’s headliner halftime show attracted the majority of households in watching the game instead of any other television shows. Nick Copus directed the fifth episode, Sister Rising will air next Sunday instead of this past Sunday on February 14, 2021. 

The upcoming episode will air on Starz network, which has been airing the previous episodes. Fans can also watch the fantasy drama at midnight on the networks official Starz mobile application. The network had already released the promo and official synopsis for the upcoming episode. Ian McShane and Ricky Whittle reprised their role from the previous seasons as the show’s lead actors.

American Gods Season 3 Episode 5 Preview

In the last episode, Ricky Whittle’s Shadow Moon made an unlikely alliance with Technical Boy to rescue Bilquis. The goddess of love had a self-identity crisis, which resulted in her to be trapped in the conflict. Episode 4 — The Unseen — showed how Moon worked with Techincal Boy to save Bilquis. Technology Boy was still struggling with the shock that Bilquis gave him in the third season premiere.

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The official synopsis of the upcoming episode hints that Technical Boy is now having an identity crisis of his own. Bilquis has been enlightened and Shadow explores the notions of destiny and purpose with the goddess of love. Meanwhile, Wednesday wants to pull another con in order to free Demeter. He then asks the help from Shadow to participate in a new con for the purpose of freeing Demeter.

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