Robert Pattinson, Tom Hardy & Cillian Murphy: Top 5 Actor that Could Replace Daniel Craig as 007

James bond series is based on a fictional British Secret service agent. The series was created in 1953 and was written by Ian Fleming. James bond is a British Secret agent who’s working for MI6. James’ codename is 007. He’s better known for his codename 007. Till now 24 films were produced under the James bond series. The 25th film is likely to get released this year. In the film Daniel Craig is playing James Bond for the fifth and the last time.

Robert Pattinson, Tom Hardy & Cillian Murphy

Till now 25th films were produced under the James bond series and two more were produced by third parties. James was portrayed by 6 actors till now, Daniel Craig being the 7th actor as James bond. He is seen in 5 James bond movies the first being ‘Casino Royal’ and the ‘No Time To Die’ is the last one. After which he will step down from the James bond franchise. His tenure was increased due to the delay that took place because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Sam Heughan, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy, Rupert Friend, Cillian Murphy, Irish Elba, Richard Madden, Aidan Turner, Gillian Anderson, James Norton, Lashana Lynch, and Henry Cavill were the actors who were said to have replaced Daniel Craig in 007. It’s sure that among so many only one will get a chance to be 007. It can be one of the male actors or the female actors among the ones who are nominated in the list.

Tom Hardy the English actor and producer who is known for his film ‘Black Hawk Down’ through which he started off his acting career in 2012 was said to replace Daniel Craig in 007. The actor was nominated for Academy Award for the best supporting actor, Two Critics Choice Movie Awards, and Two BAFTA awards. He won the 2011 BAFTA Rising Star Award. Maybe this was the reason why he was said to replace Daniel Craig.

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The Irish actor and rock musician Cillian Murphy was said to replace Daniel Craig in 007. Murphy started his acting career in the 1990s with short and independent films. He’s seen in the films like the ‘Disco Pig’, ‘ 28 Days Later’, ‘Intermission’ etc. He got a Golden Globe Award nomination for best actor in a musical comedy and won an Irish film television award for best actor.

Robert Pattinson the world’s highest-paid actor who’s amongst the 100 most influential people’s list by Forbes was also said to replace Daniel Craig in 007.

According to the sources the British actress Lashana Rasheda know for playing Rosaline Capulet and Maria Rambeau in the Capital Marvel series is said to play the 007.

They have been rumors which confirmed Lashana playing 007 in the upcoming series. Nothing much has yet been revealed about the new 007 actors. For further updates stay with StanfordArts Review.

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