BitTorrent Coin Rising to 150%, Is It The New DogeCoin, Price Prediction & Live Chart

The online traders who are pushing meme-inspired cryptocurrency, DogeCoin to the moon, are shifting their focus on another less known digital currency. BitTorrent Coin or BitTorrent Token (BTT) silently saw the rise in value in the past few days. The sudden increment in the digital currency’s value has left traders wondering that it might be the new DogeCoin. BTT is a brand new cryptocurrency and was launched back in January 2019.

While the people online are enjoying the rise of DogeCoin, BitTorrent coin also rose by amazing numbers in the past 24 hours. The digital currency’s value went up by 150 percent on Monday and reached the intraday high of $0.0011 on the same day. Before the sudden spike, the cryptocurrency was trading at $0.00053. This is the second-highest rise since 2019 when the crypto’s value reached $0.0018 on the market.

However, there hasn’t been any noise about the BTT’s pump on the internet yet. The popular Reddit forums, which were active during the pumping of DogeCoin and Ripple XRP haven’t mentioned the pumping of BitTorrent Token. The rising may have potentially triggered by the private groups of traders, who have yet to announce publicly across the multiple social media platforms.

TRON Foundation and BitTorrent Foundation worked collectively to launch the cryptocurrency in 2019. The virtual currency also called the TRC-10 Token is built on the BitTorrent protocol, which initially helped in the growth of cryptocurrency. At the end of its ICO, the digital currency achieved six times price spike and hit the all-time high of $0.0018.

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BTT Coin Predictions

The value of the BitTorrent coin has remained the same for a long time and has rarely seen a price spike. Crypto traders and investors are hesitant to buy BitTorrent coin because they aren’t sure that the coin will rise considerably in the future. But few analysts believe that the BTT’s value will rise in the coming years. Media attention plays a vital role in the rise of any cryptocurrency and like DogeCoin, if someone backs the crypto, its price will certainly soar high.

At the time of writing the current price of the BTT is around $0.00097 with a total market cap of $741 million.

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