Attack on Titan Chapter 137 Leaked: Eren is Defeated, Read Online

Hajime Isayama’s popular manga series, Attack on Titan is officially going to end in this summer. While fans are sad that their favourite anime is going to conclude, they are also excited that the new chapter is releasing soon. The reports claim that the final chapter will release on April 9, 2021, which means that fans still have few exciting chapters to look forward to.

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 released last month on January 8, 2021, which was also the second chapter of 34th volume. In the latest chapter, Devote Your Hearts, the survey corps and allies are fighting against Eren’s genocidal behaviour. Eren’s destructive behaviour has led to the crushing death of Hange Zoe and fans are sad that another beloved character will also die in the process.

The next chapter of the manga series will release on February 9, 2021, in Japan. However, due to the differences in time zone, the chapter will release on February 8, 2021, around the world. The chapter is already finished and the raw scans in the Japanese language have already been leaked online. Fans also noted that the chapter is going to release a day earlier than Mikasa’s birthday.

Eren is defeated!

In the previous chapter, Mikasa, Levi, Jean, and Connie escape to safety on Falco’s flying Jaw Titan after their unsuccessful attack on Founding Titan. The group watches in dismay that they couldn’t save Pieck and Armin. Later, they again try to assault the Founding titan, assassinate Eren and save Armin. Armin, who is inside a Titan, gets frustrated by his inability to move and realised that he has been eaten by Ymir Fritz along with Zeke.

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Armin has found himself in the Path along with Zeke, who is on the ground building a mound of sand. In the next chapter, Armin will continue to understand what is happening with him in the Path as he saw those who passed away behind him. Meanwhile, at the battlefield, Annie is in danger but Bertholdt saved her. The Rumbling will also potentially stop in the next chapter.

Mikasa saves Armin after slaying the okapi titan from its mouth. Zeke also shows up half-naked but Levi killed him moments after he waved his hands at Levi. As soon as the Rumbling stops, Jean will rush to detonate the Founding Titan. Jean succeeds and separates the Titan’s head. Eren’s Attack Titan again attacks but Reiner struggles and stops the Titan to cause more destruction.


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