Evan Peters’ Appreance in WandaVision Episode 5 Confirms Mutant are Coming in MCU

After months of speculations and rumours, Evan Peters has finally appeared in the latest episode of WandaVision. Evan Peters appeared as Pietro towards the end of the fifth episode. However, Pietro aka Quicksilver is supposed to be dead in MCU, as he was killed by Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Even Wanda is shocked when she opened the door and saw different Pietro.

Marvel Studios have lots of explaining to do, but we can assume that the appearance may hint the revival of mutants in MCU. Disney now has the right of characters previously owned by Fox, after the company’s acquisition in 2019. Fans are hoping to see X-Men heroes in the MCU, while filmmakers are finding a way to introduce them to the cinematic universe.

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The fifth episode was shocking to every viewer. Even Darcy Lewis was surprised that Wanda recast her brother. Wanda reanimated Vision after breaking into the SWORD’s facility and taking Vision’s remains. Since Vision is a synthezoid, not a human, Wanda could easily revive him, but her power is limited while resurrecting living beings from dead. Wanda may have subconsciously pulled Pietro from another universe.

Pietro is Quicksilver from Another Universe

This makes sense because the Marvel Cinematic Universe is planning to explore the multiverse. The reports already confirmed that WandaVision has a narrative connection with the upcoming movie, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Quicksilver’s arrival in MCU may affect the universe, which he came from and several other characters also arrive to sort things out.

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There would potentially be madness when multiple characters cross the dimensions. This may also further lead to the introduction of other X-Men mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As for Pietro, who arrived at the Westview, he doesn’t know who he is and where he came from. But, he knows the fact that he is a long lost brother of Wanda. The next episode airs on February 12, which may answer the questions of Pietro’s existence.

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