Could Ed Harris &  Evan Rachel Wood Return in Westworld Season 4: Expected Release Date & More

With Season 3 finished there is much to look forward to in the ‘Westworld’ world. Read on to find all that you need; ASAP!

There is so much for Fans to look forward to with season 3 behind and this is only the beginning! The sci-fi Western series has been having nail-biting finishes since 2016 and plans to keep on doing so hopefully in the future too (Touchwood! ). 

When is it coming out?

On April 22, while new episodes of season three were still airing, Sky TV tweeted the good news of the return of the show. 

If all goes to plan, fans could expect the 4th season in 2022 as considering the show premiered in 2016, followed by season two in 2018 and season three in 2020 but no date has been specified yet.

Could Ed Harris & Evan Rachel Wood Return in Westworld Season 4: Expected Release Date & More

Who’s coming back for another series?

Following the not so unprecedented deaths of Dolores Abernathy and William, it seems unclear whether Evan Rachel Wood and Ed Harris would return to their spectacular roles. But Evan Rachel Wood says she would return to the show despite season three’s end.

Wood told Variety she wants “to come back” to the show, despite that season three finale. “I found out, I think, halfway through season three or towards the end,” she said of learning Dolores’ fate. 

“We get a general idea at the beginning of each season then we learn as we go. So Jonathan Nolan called me up and broke the news to me. He said she was going to die, he was very blunt about it.”She added that Nolan had told her “the Dolores that we know is gone”.

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It is quite unlikely that Vincent Cassell, the major villain of Season 3  would make a comeback as he was dealt with by the finale.

Any future Westworld stories would need to include the series regular Maeve and Caleb Nichols, who became predominant features in Season 3.  

As the post-credits sequence for season three sees Bernard Lowe, finally wake up, hopefully, we could expect the head of Westworld Programming Division to make an awesome comeback.

Considering Charlotte Hale took on a blockbuster turn in season three, it seems fairly likely that Tessa Thompson would make a much-anticipated return for the brand new show.

Is there a teaser yet?

There isn’t yet, but hopefully one comes out soon. Fans could always check out the trailer for season three to relive the most recent chapter and gear up for the much-anticipated show.

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