Will Grant Gustin’s Flash Meet Ezra Miller in The Flash Movie, Possible Multiversie and Time Travel Theory

After the lots of delay and dilemma, finally, the movie Flash coming in the next year. Yes, finally the official make a confirmation on this. Today in this article we are going to discuss some latest updates regarding this.

But the main cause of interest of fans is here Grant Gustin’s Flash meet Ezra Miller in the Flash movie. In a previous event, where the organizers organize a special meeting between the television the flash and the movie the Flash.

what happened there?

The main attraction incident happened when they see the Tv flash is just behind Ezra Miller who is the cast of the movie Flash. The two Flash is standing at their opposite at the same time.

Miller’s Barry Allen is immediately confused by the whole thing, and even wonders if Gustin’s Barry Allen is a cosplayer who wants an autograph. Gustin introduces him as a hero of the flash movie who also have the same name Barry Allen.

What may happen in this movie?

The movie already confirmed to release on 4th November 2022. The excitement and expectations of fans regarding this is going to high day by day.

There are thousands of rumors and fam theories already take place in the industry regarding the concept of the film.

But the most probable theory says that, the two main characters Barry and Bruce are the enemy of each other. They fight against each other and at last they team up to defeat reverse Flash who want to reset the timeline. Here comes some theory of time travel and so on. But at then they may return to their own universe where Barry found everything is changed accidentally.

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This is most probable theory of the movie. But there is no confirmation regarding this, DCEU may plan something different to give a twist to their audience.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for the alatest updates.

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