Solo Leveling Chapter 138: Will Jin Woo get a new ally? Release Date & Read Online

Solo Leveling has made a place for itself among all the manga lovers and comic book lovers. Although not exactly a manga, the reason for popularity is not merely the structure. The story has connected with them as well. After all, it is one of the most popular web novel series we are talking about. Solo Leveling currently pars with the likes of shonen manga such as World Trigger and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

About Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is a Korean web novel authored by Chugong. It was originally published in 2016 by KakaoPage and later by D & C media under their Papyrus label. Later in 2018, a webtoon adaptation was made. In Japan, 1 million readers have read Solo Leveling on their platform Piccoma, earning the top position among the webtoons in 2019.

Solo Leveling Chapter 138: Will Jin Woo Get a New Ally, Release Date & Read Online

The story revolves around hunters – humans who have acquired powers and hunt creatures who have emerged from a strange portal. Sung Jin-woo is the weakest among the hunters and his peers mock him for being just stronger than an average human. In an extremely dangerous dungeon, Jin-woo manages to complete all trials but at the cost of his life.

When he wakes up, he finds that he can now see inventory, stats, levels, and quests like a player. Thus begins his journey to level up and become the most powerful hunter.

Solo Leveling Chapter 138: Will Jin Woo Get a New Ally, Release Date & Read Online

What Could Happen In Chapter 138?

Previously Jin-woo was listening and understanding some voices. On the arrival of one of his summonses, which turns out to be his Shadows, he feels relaxed. Jin-woo later senses another mysterious power. The head of the giants communicates with him, asking if he is safe or not.

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Chapter 138 shows Jin-woo coming face to face with the giant, who introduces himself as Monarch. Monarch tells him about the battle between the rulers and the Monarchs. He tells Jin-woo that he needs to alert the other Monarch from the evil intentions of the Rulers. For this, he offers a pact.

Solo Leveling Chapter 138: Will Jin Woo Get a New Ally, Release Date & Read Online

As per the pact, neither of the two parties would be able to lie to each other. Not before the pact ends. Despite his reservations, Jin-woo would eventually accept, forming an unlikely alliance and clearing the tensions between the monsters and humans.

Release Date and Where to Read Solo Leveling?

Chapter 138 of Solo Leveling will release on February 3, 2021 midnight (Korean Standard Time). It could release on February 4, 2021 depending on your time zone. For English translation, it should be available at around 10 am (Pacific Daylight Time), 12 noon (Central Daylight Time), and 1 pm (Eastern Daylight Time). You can read Solo Leveling on KakaoPage and Tappytoon websites.

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