Gekidol Episode 5: Release Date, Spoiler, Preview & Watch Online:

Gekidol anime adaptation has been reported a number of times prior and has been on a rest until as of late. Natalie‘s news site uncovered the news in the September of 2020 around the January debut date for the anime. The anime will be coming as a venture along with Alice in Deadly School’s anime debut. Alice in Deadly School anime comes as a play from inside the Gekidol storyline, and these two ventures will be complementing each other.

The story of this Anime revolves around the backdrop of the disappearance of the city around the world. There’s chaos after that. The whole world is in disorder after the peculiar event. The story starts 5 years after that surprising event. The world is coming to its senses and wants to get back in their everyday life. and wants to forget that grieve.

There is a group of girls in the post-apocalyptic world who are fascinated by the “Theatrical Material System”, The system uses 3d hologram technology and always use on a big stage and a shining one. They are performing with great interest and passion for this art and entertaining the world around them. The stage is always filled with their thoughts. It was aired on the 5th of January 2021.


The release date of Episode 5 is on the 2nd of February 2021 at 04:30 am.


You can watch this Anime on medium.com, Funimation, WackanimTV, Moviefit, and Gogoanime.


The community of Anime watchers is strict and does not spoil the other viewers. They want everyone to enjoy the anime without having any spoilers of any kind. That’s why the discord as well as other anime discussion sites are empty. When enough people have seen it they will start a discussion of sorts.

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