Corpse Husband is Angry at “Spotify” for ‘Not’ Featuring his Songs in Their Playlist

Recently this famous American did something because of which he is in news and on social media platforms he is a hot topic and people all around the world are talking about him.

But firstly before knowing what he did let’s see who is this famous American.

Who is Corpse Husband?

This famous American is Corpse Husband. He is also known as Corpse. Corpse Husband is an American internet personality. He is a king in the internet world and he has blown the internet world thanks to his ‘Among Us’ videos.

Corpse Husband is Angry at “Spotify” for 'Not' Featuring his Songs in Their Playlist

Corpse YouTube channel has more than seven million subscribers and he has opened a separate channel for his gaming videos (Among Us). He is so famous because of his horror story narration and very deep or low-pitched voice.

The thing that makes him more famous is his mysterious identity as even after getting so much attention and fame no one has seen his face and corpse intend to keep it hidden.

From his, one tweet we can say that he has no motive of revealing his identity. He tweeted, “My favourite thing about blowing up quick is every verified massive artist with millions of followers DM’ing me on Instagram saying they love me and stuff so much and then unsending and unfollowing me in 2 days when I don’t reply.”

His Tweet

One of his tweets that Corpse tweeted on January 31, 2021, made him a center of the hot topic. Through his Twitter account he wrote, “To clarify, a lot of bigger artists get a good amount of their plays from big Spotify playlists, which is what Spotify’s editorial team pushes to large amounts of people, labels get their artists on there etc.”

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The famous internet personality turned musician then added, “I never get on them and 1% of my plays is from them.

It will surprise you, folks, that this 23 years old famous dude is also a musician who has released his own personal and original music.  Husband’s song ‘E-Girls Ruined my Life’ has more than 30 million plays which clearly shows his popularity in the internet world.

Corpse Husband is Angry at “Spotify” for 'Not' Featuring his Songs in Their Playlist

Corpse ridicule Spotify because according to him the famous online music streaming platform isn’t promoting his music and he is upset about it.

According to him, Spotify hasn’t mentioned him and his music in its several playlists and he only gains one per cent of his listeners from this online platform.

After his tweet that he made at the end of January which is now deleted he got a lot of support from his fans and surprisingly something strange happened for the Corpse. One of his fans noticed that his music has reached Spotify’s ‘United States’ Viral Top 50 list.

Well, it is a piece of good news for Corpse Husband.

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