Is Liam Hemsworth Still Not OVER Miley Cyrus? Fan Think He Has Not

Liam Hemsworth: An Australian actor

Liam Hemsworth is an Australian actor. He appeared in many films and series like Independence Day: Resurgence, The elephant princess, a children’s series etc. He had started his career from this series The Elephant Princess. This series is totally based on a children’s series.

Miley Ray: As Hannah Montana

Miley Ray Cyrus is usually known as Hannah Montana. Yes, she is Hannah Montana who had played the lead role in the Disney Channel series ‘ Hannah Montana’. She is an American singer, songwriter, actress etc. “Cyrus is the best-selling artist born in the 1990s, and has attained the most US Billboard 200 top-five albums in the 21st century by a female artist, with a total of thirteen entries”. She is the daughter of Billy Ray who is also a singer.

Their engagement announcement 

In the year 2009 Hemsworth met Miley, who is the co-star of his film. From there they start their relationship. According to the sources they both announced their engagement ceremony in 2012 after dating three years.

But the next year means 2013 they broke their engagement. In July 2014, Hemsworth said that he and Cyrus would “always be best friends” and they had “an instantaneous and powerful connection.”

Their Re-engagement

There is lot of confusion in their relationship because after broking their relationship in 2014 they want to re-engage in 2016. As their fans think that this all is just like a rumor but Cyrus confess in an interview that they once again engaged.

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There was an accident take place in November 2018. In that accident, Cyrus and Hemsworth’s home burned down with fire in California. In December he married with Cyrus in their home Nashville.

Cyrus indicated that the ceremony was “kind of out of character for [her]” because “[they have] worn rings forever [and] definitely didn’t need it in any way”.

Lots of confusions in their relationship

They both spend a lot of time together I had already told you that there is lot of confusion in their relationship on August 2019, Cyrus said in an interview that now they are separate. After that ‘Hemsworth filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences”.’
“To commemorate her divorce from Hemsworth, Cyrus had a note written to her from Yoko Ono tattooed on her left shoulder blade.  On January 28, 2020, their divorce had been finalized.”

Miley’s post with her dog

She shared a post with her dog. Miley shared that post only for the lesson which they earn life lesson from their pets but I think the fans thought that she recalls their past. Now her fans worried about her. We all know that she has a number of fans in Instagram, Facebook and other social media platform. As she is very famous among all.

“Waking up surrounded by animals is my favorite way to start a morning. I am immediately reminded to LOVE without conditions,” Cyrus wrote.

She continued: “They love back 100X …. all they ask is to be cared for in exchange for loyalty, reliability, and faithfulness. (reminds me of someone).”

After that, she has received many comments from her fans. Actually, her fans are worried about her.

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