Bofuri Season 2 Release Date Confirmed for 2022, Story & Updates

Curious about Bofuri season 2, but yet not getting proper information, then you have just come to the right place. Here today, we gonna be discuss about Bofuri season 2 release date, storyline, official update and many more regarding this. So, stay in the article to get answers of your all questions.

But before that, let’s quickly give you a introduction about the show. So, if you are a new one then read the next paragraph to gather a basic idea about the show and it’s season 1.

About the show Bofuri

The show named Bofuri is basically an anime which is based on a very unique concept. The story is based on a huge number of freshman who come to the popular VRMMORPG “New World Online”. It nutrilize every kind of attack from both monster and players into the ground. It’s actually use a special death poison skills. One of the main character of the show, Maple was given a game from Sally and she was forced to play it. As she was a new camer, he didn’t have a proper knowledge. So, she spend his all status points but defeat by a monster.

This is the main plot of the show which have lots of twist and turn in it.

When the season 2 release?

On 9th January, 2021 they arrange a event regarding this on YouTube. From this event the official announced that there will be a season 2 for the show very soon. They said the season 2 may release in the next year. So, it’s now confirmed that the show come in the year 2022, but no specific date till declared.

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How you watch it?

So if you want to watch the show then you need subscription of Netflix. As Netflix exclusively stream the show.

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