Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8: Gabi Will Kill Sasha, Major Spoiler

The fourth season of Attack on Titan is up and running and the season is going great with every new episodes. Attack on Titan Season 4 kicked off after a time skip and follows Marley declaring war on Paradis Island. While Marley has been announcing that they will declare war against Paradis Island, the Survey Corps already infiltrated the country and attacked Marley.

After a reunion with Reiner through Falco, Eren, disguised as Kruger, transforms into Attack Titan and bursts right above where Tybur was giving his speech. Eren begins attacking Marleyan soldiers, and subsequently War Hammer Titan emerges and goes against Eren. Willy’s sister Lara is the War Hammer Titan and she even overpowers him at some point. But, later Eren successfully beats the War Hammer Titan, swallows her and gaina its power.

The next episode of the anime television series will air on Monday, February 1, 2021 at at 12:10 am JST. NHK General TV will air the new episode titled Assassin’s Bullet. Also, Crunchyroll will stream the new episode, as it has been streaming all the new episodes regularly. Fans can watch the previous episode on the streaming platform. Netflix Japan and Phillipines also stream the new episode as well as previous episode.

Gabi is Going to Kill Sasha

Sasha is battling against the enemies in the battlefield. She killed one of the machine gunner of panzer unit so that Jean could incapacitate Cart Titan. Gabi is also a warrior, who is fighting alongside the Marley. Since she lives and fights for the Marley, she has to battle against anyone who attacks their country. In the upcoming episode, we may potentially see a fight between these brave warriors.

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Sasha does die at the hand of Gabi in the Attack on Titan. The anime has been faithful to the manga so, we would certainly see Sasha dying in the next episode. During their battle, Sasha had an opportunity to finish Gabi, but she isn’t a cold-blooded killer and spares her life. However, Gabi has grown up learning that the people in Paradis Island are evil and bad, ans she kills her. When Sasha originally died in the manga, fans were furious for killing off their favourite character and its certain that they will be disappointed with the anime as well.





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