Digimon Adventure Episode 34: Release Date & How to Watch Online

Taichi, with his friends are in pursuit of his sister, Hikari, who was kidnapped by SkullKnightmon. He also learns that another Holy Digimon is missing at it is the partner of his abducted sister. Meanwhile, SkullKnightmon wants to revive Millenniumon with the aid of Hikari and Moon=Millenniumon. The evil SkullKnightmon then takes them to the site, where he will start the ritual to revive Millenniumon.

Koshiro encourages Taichi, Sora, and Takeru to continue the search of Hikari and they arrive at the ritual site. SkullKnightmon subsequently transform into DarkKnightmon so that he can complete the revival ritual. Before Taichi and friends could rescue Hikari, Hikari willingly lets herself absorb into the evil Digimon. Taichi belives that there is a way to save his sister and continues to fight to save her.

Digimon Adventure Episode 34 will release on Sunday, 31 January 2021. Fuji TV has been airing new episodes of the anime series every Sunday at 9:00 AM JST. Crunchyroll also streams the new episodes at the same time as Fuji TV. Fans outside of Japan can also watch the anime television series through Anime Lab. Fuji TV has released the title for the upcoming episode, which will be called Hikari and Tailmon.

Digimon Adventure Episode 34 Preview

The next episode will certainley explore the bonding of Hikari and her Digimon partner, Tailmon. Hikari meets with the source of the voice that has been calling her all along within the DarkKnightmon. Meanwhile, Taichi and WarGreymon fight outside against DarkKnightmon to rescue Hikari. After a long struggle, they finally suceeds in breaking DarkKnightmon and reach to Hikari. Taichi and WarGreymon have now succefully defeated DarkKnightmon and save Hikari along with Tailmon.

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The heroes have finally managed to destroy the enemy, which ultimately interrupted the ritual for revival of Millenniumon. The followers of Millenniumon are now dissapointed. however, they are also confident that they will find another way to revive their beloved master.


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