Dylan Minnette Net Worth 2021? How Rich are 13 Reasons Why’s Star, Earnings & More

This American star is a charming one and he is very unique. He is passionate about his career and loves every bit of his job. Thanks to his amazing acting skills and after appearing in the mainstream and successful television shows and movies he is earning a lot.

Soon we will tell you his Net Worth in 2021. So stay with us. Before diving into his net worth let’s talk about his early life.

Dylan’s early life

Dylan Minnette or Dylan Christopher Minnette is an American actor who was born on December 29, 1996, in Evansville, Indiana, United States. Dylan is a single child of Robyn Minnette and Craig Minnette. His parents were supportive of his career so for the sake of his career they to Los Angeles so that he can fulfill his dreams. Before moving to LA the Minnette family lived in Champaign, Illinois for five long years. This American star belongs to English, German, Scottish, Irish and distant welsh ancestry.

Net Worth

Dylan started acting as a child actor at the age of 7 after an agent scouted him. Thanks to his famous role of Clay Jensen in Netflix teen drama series he is one of the most notable names in Hollywood. He is a high profile celebrity who is known worldwide thanks to his superb acting skills.

Dylan Minnette Net Worth 2021? How Rich are 13 Reasons Why's Star, Earnings & More

He has been a part of many successful movies and television shows so people often wonder what Dylan’s Net Worth is. Dylan Minnette Net Worth in 2021 is $3 Million.

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Down below are the roles and movies thanks to which he is earning such a huge wealth.

Dylan’s movies and television shows

The 24 years old American star made his film debut in 2007 film ‘Game of Life’ and he made his television debut in 2005 through ‘Drake and Josh’ in the role of Jeffrey. But he got his first breakthrough through the 2007 crime drama series ‘Saving Grace’.

This series lasted till 2010 and he played the lead role in the series. In 2007 he also appeared in ‘Fred Clause’ in the role of orphanage kid. After his first breakthrough through 2007 series, he didn’t look back and continued giving memorable performances. One of his best roles is of ‘David Shephard’ in the drama series ‘Lost’. In 2010 he played the role of Kenny in the horror film ‘Let Me In’.

In the next decade, he got busier and more famous as in 2013 he starred in two films ‘Labour Day’ and ‘Prisoners’. In 2016 he appeared in the role of Alex in the super hit horror film ‘Don’t Breathe’.

But his most prominent role is of Clay Jensen in the Netflix show ’13 Reasons Why’. Thanks to his series people all around the world were able to recognize him and people start respecting him as an actor.

His show ’13 Reasons Why’ helped him earning most of his wealth. This American show aired for four seasons and according to Deadline report, Dylan earned $200,000 per episode which was more than his all co-stars.

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Dylan Minnette Net Worth 2021? How Rich are 13 Reasons Why's Star, Earnings & More

He also earns a lot from his music career. Many people don’t know but he also a singer and musician. He is a singer and rhythm guitarist in the band called ‘Wallows’. In past years his band was known as ‘Feaver’.

In 2022 he is going to star in the American horror film Scream which is the fifth installment in the ‘Scream’ film series.

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