Why Amber Heard is not ‘cancelled’ even after ‘punching’ Johnny Depp on tape?

It has been quite some time that the feud between the actors and exes Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is going on. While they continue to volley each other with allegations, it seems to be affecting their careers. We know what happened with Johnny Depp a few months back. But why Amber Heard is still not out despite fan requests and certain revelations?

Why Amber Heard is Not 'Cancelled' Even after 'Punching' Johnny Depp on Tape

Could Amber Heard Be Guilty?

The divorce case that began the legal battle between Depp and Heard got eventually settled with Depp paying Heard $7 million. Along with that, two libel cases have been filed separately by Depp – one against The Washington Post for an op-ed by Heard who shared her experiences with domestic violence. The second case was against The Sun for a 2018 article which called Depp a ‘wifebeater’.

Why Amber Heard is Not 'Cancelled' Even after 'Punching' Johnny Depp on Tape

An audio recording by Dailymail, however states that Depp may not be the culprit, at least not the sole culprit. The tape shows the two getting into arguments where Depp blames Heard for punching him. Heard does accept hitting him and that it was not a proper slap, but denies on the tape that she punched him. Depp’s words that he was not the one throwing pots and stuff also suggests that Heard did throw pots at him.

Including this, Heard also calls Johnny a hypocrite and a baby, for stepping away from the conflict. She admits starting a physical fight and blames Depp for stepping away every time something like this happens. She also adds that Depp called her names and steps away when he is to face the music. Depp however, tries to cool down the conversation, willing to save the relationship. Even it means taking some time apart too cool heads.

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Why Amber Heard is Not 'Cancelled' Even after 'Punching' Johnny Depp on Tape

The Outburst By Fans

The tape, which showed Amber Heard in a new light, caused the netizens to seek justice for Depp. The libel case with The Sun he lost cost him his future projects. In November 2020, Depp told on his Instagram that he will not be playing Gellert Grindelwald in the third Fantastic Beasts movie. This, along with the tape, led fans to campaign for removing Heard in the Aquaman sequel.

As the campaign went wild, Heard eventually spoke out that she was excited to play Mera again along with Jason Mamoa in the next Aquaman movie. She also said that the production should begin sometime this year. Also, she quashed the rumours about her removal, saying that paid campaigns and rumours are far from reality.

Why Amber Heard is Not 'Cancelled' Even after 'Punching' Johnny Depp on Tape

Can She Be Removed?

The campaign asking for Heard’s removal has more than a million supporters. Because she was equally responsible for assaulting physically, fans seek the same fate for her as Depp. The reason is clear – Warner Bros. or any other studio cannot break the contract and remove the actor, unless the charges are criminal in nature.

The legal cases of Depp are not criminal, but civil. He did lose a libel case. Thus, he was asked to resign with full compensation from the studio. The same thing cannot be said for Amber Heard. There are no cases where she is proved guilty. This means that the studio cannot ask her the same thing for now.

As a result, Amber Heard is still a part of Aquaman.

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