Solo Leveling Chapter 138: Sung Jin-Woo Faces the King Of Monsters of the Dungeon, Monarch, Release Date and Read Online

The protagonist, Sung Jin-woo has been defeating monstrous giants that appeared all over Japan through a powerful S Rank gate. He is successful in defeating 29 giants scattered over Japan. These monsters, with whom he has been fighting are as powerful as the dungeon bosses, he previously fought. After the battle, he realized that he has been fighting soldiers, while the boss is still to come.

Jin-woo arrived in Japan with Yoo Jin-Ho and then quickly distributed his shadows in four powerful groups. In the latest chapter, he fought a similar monstrous giant, who was more powerful than other giants that appeared in Japan. Jin-woo assumed that he was the boss, but when he defeated him, a messaged claiming the enemy has been defeated popped up. He quickly realized that the boss is still to come.

Solo Leveling Chapter 138 will release next week on Wednesday, February 3, 2021. If you do not want to miss the new chapter on the release date then remember, new chapter releases every Wednesday. The manhwa first gets released in Korean version on Wednesday midnight Korean Standard Time and then releases in English version for readers all over the world on the official website of KakaoPage.

Solo Leveling Chapter 138 Preview and Raw Scans

In the latest chapter, Jin-Ho reunites with the hero and asked if he defeated the boss. He tells him that since a different message popped up, the boss is still remaining. Suddenly, a storm of strong magic energy hits Jin-woo. He tells Jin-Ho, that he is going inside the gate of the final dungeon and seemingly enters with Beru, the shadow leader leading the ant army. He meets with a chained monster inside the dungeon.

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The chained monster introduces itself as Monarch and the ancient Monarchs had chained him inside the dungeon. He also tells the hero about the battle between rulers and monarchs. The Monarch further adds that he knows what Rulers have been planning and that’s why he needs to meet other Monarchs and alert them. Also, he offers his help to Jin-woo if he helps in return.

Will Jin-woo unchain the Monarch or fight against him? The protagonist knows that the Monarch cannot be trusted and we will know what will happen in the next chapter.

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