One Punch Man Season 3: Release Date Updates in 2021

Soon we will get to see the next season which is the third season in the hit anime series. But the main question here that arises is when? When is One Punch Man Season 3 going to release?

It is always hurtful when any series doesn’t get renewed or when there is no information related to the new season. It is even worse when our favourite got cancelled in between. But in this case, we Otakus are fine because our favourite anime series ‘One Punch’ isn’t cancelled.

You Otakus will be happy to know that we have the answer to the upper question. So stay with us if you want to the release date of the third season.

One Punch Man Season 3

One Punch is an anime series based on the life of a normal human rather say an unimpressive one. His name is Saitama and other than an identity of an unimpressive human he holds another identity that also of the strongest superhero who can fight anyone.

Since his childhood days he wants to follow his passion of being a hero and in order to follow it he trains himself for three long years and he did become the strongest superhero.

He is able to defeat his enemies with a help of a single punch and this made the fighting for him very boring. The thing that used to be his passion is now boredom for him because he became too strong for his enemies.

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One Punch Man Season 3: Release Date Updates in 2021

Now he is in search of an opponent who can entertain him and can help him in getting excited for the fighting like he used to get in the past and this all changes when he met a cyborg who started following him and later they both join the hero Association.

The whole series will show the two associations a hero one and a monster one who are fighting each other for different reasons and then there is our One Punch man aka Saitama who will come forward as a leader and will solve many important matters.

Season 1 and 2

One Punch man anime series is adapted from the super hit webcomic of the same name. This famous web-comic was created by manga artist ONE.

Season 1 of this anime came to life in 2015 thanks to Madhouse Animation Studio and director Shingo Natsume and it aired from October to December. The second season came to life after four long years in 2019 thanks to J.C Staff Animation Studios and director Chikara Sakurai. This season aired from April to July.

Will There Be a Season 3 of One Punch Man?

In April 2021 it will be two years since the release of the second season and since then fans are craving for the next season as they want to know what will happen to their favourite bald superhero.

The One Punch man Twitter account is very active and it is the official account and that account does mention that it is not the end and the story will continue.

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One Punch Man Season 3: Release Date Updates in 2021

For now, all we can tell is that One Punch Season 3 isn’t renewed yet. Yes, we know the pain but all we can do is wait. If we believe the reports and rumours then we can tell you that season three making was in process but this ongoing global pandemic came in the way and stopped everything. For now, there isn’t any news but fans of the anime series want the first season director Shingo Natsume to come back and deliver the next season as soon as possible.

Yes for sure show is delayed but we can assure you that season three won’t take the amount of time season two took. And when the situation will get better the new season with new Saitama adventures will be out. We can predict that the new season of the One Punch will be out by the end of this year as the corona Virus is living the planet earth day by day.

Is One Punch Man Cancelled?

No One Punch Man Season 3 is not cancelled. Despite Season 2 getting some criticism from fans because of the animation, it was still very well received. And One Punch Man is still of the most popular manga out there. So it is only about time that season 3 will be announced. We’d have to wait and see which studio will be chosen to animate Season 3 of One Punch Man.

There are rumors that One Punch Man Season 3 will release in May 2022 but these are just rumors & we can’t be sure until there is an official announcement.

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Is Saitama Stronger than Goku?

The age-old question. Who is the strongest, Saitama or Goku? The simple and straightforward answer is Saitama is stronger than Goku. This is because of the way Saitama is written. He is not the most powerful because he is the strongest, he is more powerful than Goku because of the sake of it.

To answer this question more in-depth we would have to understand the character themselves. Goku is a proper shounen character and like a shounen character, he is designed to overcome the challenges in his life and become stronger with time.

Saitama on the other hand is a parody character designed to make fun of shounen protagonists and show the flaws in a typical shounen character. And therefore if he were to face Goku in a real battle he’d come out on top just because he is written that way.

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