Kellyanne Conway Accused of Posting ‘Child P*rn’ on Twitter after Sharing Topless of Her Daughter

A shirtless mirror picture of Kellyanne Conway’s 16-year-old daughter, Claudia Conway was uploaded on Monday on Kellyanne’s Twitter account. Now, the fans are accusing the former counsellor of the president of posting child pornography in social media. The nude photograph was uploaded on Kellyanne’s Twitter Fleets, which automatically deletes after 24 hours.

However, many Twitter users were able to capture the screenshot of the post and later shared the cropped image on the same day and the day after. Claudia is popular among TikTok fans, as she has massive 1.6 followers on the platform. Tana Mongeau, another influencer posted a recording of the conversation between Claudia and her mother, where Claudio believed that her mother posted the nude picture.

Claudia also took her TikTok to address the controversy and cursed that her mother is going to jail. However, the TikTok video is now deleted and she believes that her mother either accidentally uploaded the picture or her account was hacked. The teen influencer asked people to stop pressuring the authorities to share the details and apologies for publicizing the matter.

The investigation is underway.

Alpine Police Department has launched the official investigation on the topic and visited Conway at her brick-faced home. The reports claimed that four members from Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office also joined the police with papers and spent about one hour inside the Conway’s New Jersey mansion. The authorities denied sharing the information because a juvenile was involved in the investigation.

On the other hand, Claudia doesn’t have a good relationship with her mother. The mother-daughter duo had a public feud in August 2020 and she later resigned from her job to spend more time with her family. Claudia revealed in since-deleted TikTok video, that her mom allegedely took the picture to use against her one day. However, someone hacked into her account and uploaded the picture.

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Claudia believes that even she doesn’t have a healthy relationship with her mother, she wouldn’t so such thing. She further mentioned that she will be taking break from the social media.

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