Here’s How Hugh Jackman Can Return as Wolverine in MCU.

Now we get to see a new rumor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the rumor is Hugh Jackman may return as Wolverine in a Phase 4 film!

Wolverine Returns

We all know that COVID-19 delay all the proposal of film industry and it also delayed the Phase 4 of Marvel. This is also not clear that how and when all the television show will connect with this movie.


Many difficulties faced by MCU

MCU face many difficulties (rumors) regarding characters who are joining Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. ‘ A major rumor has suggested that WandaVision will unveil the villain to tie directly in to the Doctor Strange sequel.’

A rumor arise more and more that ‘Wolverine and possibly even Deadpool may make appearances in the movie.’ One thing about this all rumor is that MCU already declare new heroes for all series.

Jackman wants to expand their career

Hugh Jackman is going to expand their career that’s why he again joins the role as Wolverine in the MCU.

There is a fact related to Jackman, his retirement has always been tinged with a hint of regret on the part of both him and the fans, after he admitted that he would have definitely played Wolverine in the MCU and gladly faced off with the franchise’s established roster of heroes if only Disney’s takeover of Fox had happened a couple of years earlier.

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Fan not take any interest in it

The fans are not taking So much interest in Wolverine debuting in the MCU.

As we all know that Hugh has been returning as a role of Wolverine but the media spread the rumors that Feige has wanted the actor back in MCU only for the last time.

Some words by Daniel Richtman

Daniel Richtman posted a screenshot of what looks to be some sort of Marvel production sheet where it states that on Sept. 10, Marvel has an offer out to Hugh Jackman.

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