This is How Patty Jenkins Could Revive Chris Pine in Wonder Woman 3 & Here’s Why They Shouldn’t

Wonder Woman 3 is official, meaning that Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins will return to explore more Diana Prince’s story. Warner Bros announced that the third film will conclude the long-planned Wonder Woman trilogy, with Jenkins again writing and directing the film. The second instalment, Wonder Woman 1984 released in December 2020 amid coronavirus pandemic.

Warner Bros also premiered the film on HBO Max, along with the limited theatrical release. The film has become the most-watched streaming title for the year 2020, however, it couldn’t do well among critics. Like the first film, WW1984 failed to impress the critics and received mixed reviews as they found the movie overindulgent. The storyline could have better but escapist qualities make the film worthwhile to watch.

WW1984 resurrected Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, but will the third one do?

Among several other things, fans were thrilled to see the pilot and spy Steve Trevor back in action. Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor died in the first film after he sacrificed himself after detonating the bomber carrying poison by taking it to a certain altitude. Diana Prince, even after 66 years, hasn’t forgotten her deceased lover and still wished to be with her lover. But, she unknowingly brings him back to life.

Wonder Woman 1984 introduces us to the Dreamstone, created by the God of Lies, Dolos. At first glance, she doesn’t believe the stone’s power and casually wishes to bring her lover back. The wish is granted and Steve Trevor comes back to life as his soul inhabits in another person’s body. Later, they learn that Trevor will continue to live on at a cost of Diana’s power.

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Maxwell Lord gets his hand on the stone and becomes the wish-granting stone causing chaos all over the world. Steve convinces that Diana has to save the world even if it means for losing him. Diana ultimately renounces her wish and let him go to the afterlife, while she regains her power. Now, Chris Pine again dead, will the writer resurrect him in the next instalment.

There are certainly multiple ways to revive Steve Trever in the third film, after all, it is a comics-based story. In the comics, Trever has indeed resurrected few more times. Patty Jenkins can bring back Steve Trevor in the third film through flashbacks and dream scenes. Also, if DCEU plans to add the element of the multiverse, we can certainly see Trevor from another dimension. However, they shouldn’t revive Steve Trevor because it’s good that way. The emotional weight from his death has further developed and evolved Diana’s character.


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