Red Dead Redemption 3 vs GTA 6: Release Date, E3 2021 and Everything You Need to Know

When we talk about hardcore gaming then only a few gaming production companies’ names come to our mind. Among them, Rockstar games make their place at the very top. From the decades’ Rockstar game franchise snatch the heart of the gamers with their world-class games. Most specially GTA and Red Dead Redemption series make their own identity in the gaming world. Now, in today’s article, we gonna discuss the future plans of Rockstar games regarding these two legendary series, Red Dead Redemption 3 and GTA 6.

About GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption 3 Release Date

In our previous article, we already talked about this topic in detail. If you want to know a deep discussion on this please go through our previous article which is based on GTA 6.

Though there will be no official announcement some rumors say that GTA 6 may be the upgraded version of vice city. This gonna be called GTA 6 Vice City. The latest news comes from the Developers that the game is still now in its developing mode. It’s not ready yet to launch.

Red Dead Redemption 3 vs GTA 6: Release Date, E3 2021 and Everything You Need to Know

Some news and resources confirm that the game will be launch at the end of 2021. But now it heard that it takes time and doesn’t come before 2022. So, we can say that Rockstar game developers giving their heart and soul to make it a grand success.

What about Red Dead Redemption 3?

After the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018, it makes a huge profit within the year. Not only commercial profit, but it also won the heart of every gamer with its fantabulous gameplay.

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And now here comes a huge rumor that the Rockstar games come back with Red Dead Redemption 3 in the coming year.

Though there will no official announcement it can be said that most probably the game is launched in 2022. So, now the question comes that which of the among two can beat the other one.

Red Dead Redemption 3 vs GTA 6: Release Date, E3 2021 and Everything You Need to Know


It is clear-cut that Rockstar games developing two games for the next year at the same time. But it’s very interesting to see which game they launched first. Because it’s very obvious that they will not be released these two at the same time, as it’s not a profitable deal.

So, the gaming industry will wait for its release. And at the end of the year, it’s very interesting to watch which game would beat the other one of same Developers by commercial profit and players rating.

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