iOS 14.4 Coming to Developers, iOS 15 Won’t Support iPhone 6s & SE, More Updates

Apple has been rolling out major new updated iOS software once every year. These updates are mostly free for millions of devices. Not only it fixes security bugs and interface tweaks, but it also gives major new features.

The latest iOS 14.3 was available to download on 14th December, and IOS 14.4 beta version with two more updates arrived in January 2021. According to recent news, Apple is on the verge of releasing the iOS 15 operating system this June, but it may not be supported for older devices such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. 

iOS 14.4

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Apple has started its development on iOS 14.4 for iPhones and iPads, and it’s already given to testers and developers. It can be accessed in Apple Developer Centre. In this new update, Apple has taken audio level measurements seriously.

iOS 14.4 Coming to Developers, iOS 15 Won't Support iPhone 6s & SE, More Updates Whenever a Bluetooth audio device is connected, it will specifically ask you the type of appliances you are using, such as headphones, car stereo, hearing aid, speaker, etc. Depending on your response, it will alert you of the high audio levels that can damage your hearing.

To improve theft of internal parts of the phone, Apple may also add pop-ups that will warn us of replaced or repaired cameras with aftermarket components.  A warning like “Unable to verify if this iPhone has a genuine Apple camera” may pop out. Also, various issues with HDR photos, language settings on the keyboard, and others are being fixed in this iOS 14.4 update.

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iOS 15

As we expect iOS 15 t to unveil in June, a new rumor has circulated. A French site, “iPhoneSoft,” has stated that iOS 15 will not be supported on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and 2016 iPhone SE.

iOS 14.4 Coming to Developers, iOS 15 Won't Support iPhone 6s & SE, More Updates

All the phones with an A9 chip will be of no use with this update, and if the rumors are proved to be true, then iOS 14 will also not be able to be updated on these phones. Even iPadOS 15 may also drop support on iPad mini 4(2015), iPad Air 2(2014) and iPad 5(2017).

Whereas iOS 15 can be run on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and all newer iPhones that have been released, making it compatible with devices that have an A10 chip or more recent. The seventh-generation iPod touch has an A10 chip, so it should be able to run ‌iOS 15‌.

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