Devils Season 2: Is It Cancelled or Coming Back? Patrick Dempsey’s Return & More

If you are up for an Italian financial thriller, Devils Tv show is definitely a must-watch! The financial community easily praises the show as one of the bests. And honestly, who would ever think that we’d see Dempsey in this masterpiece.

From gaining popularity in Grey’s Anatomy to being in an Italian thriller drama, this guy has it all! The CW’s new drama revolves around the economic world interweaving global tragedies while also incorporating events from the actual world.

The show portrays events in an almost realistic manner that is slightly shown in a dramatic manner. In addition to the outstanding performances by the actors, the show has great writing and is clearly binge-worthy. Perhaps we advise you to increase your knowledge of finance and economy before you begin!

Devils Season 2: Is It Cancelled or Coming Back? Patrick Dempsey's Return & More

So, the show is great and fans can’t really wait for a new season. Will we get another season or is the show done and over with? Let’s find out together!

Is Devils Season 2 coming back?

Yes, absolutely! The show is already preparing for renewal so it will be reaching us soon. The first season of Devils came out on October 7th, 2020. With the negative consequences that follow the global pandemic, fans really resonate with the show.

Undoubtedly, the series was a huge success and it would be a loss to not get back on track! Further, the show allows fans to dive deep into the complexities of the financial world, told in a serialised manner.

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Devils Season 2: Is It Cancelled or Coming Back? Patrick Dempsey's Return & More

The cast of Devils: Will Patrick Dempsey Return?

For season 2, we’re hoping and expecting for all of season 1’s members to return. Among the list, Patrick Dempsey is definitely a top priority! The other actors of the show include Alessandro Borghi, Laia Costa, Pia Mechler and Lars Mikkelsen, to name a few.

In the series, Alessandro Borghi plays the character, Massimo Ruggero, the head of trading. He first comes across the financial realm by CEO Patrick Dempsey who plays Dominic Morgan.

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