Tyler Posey Girlfriend: Who is Tyler Posey Dating in 2021?

Before the existence of Riverdale and all of its hottest stars, MTV’s Teen Wolf had Tyler Posey. He was one of those celebrities that fangirls would constantly drool over and we don’t blame them! Posey is easily one of the most attractive stars on the set of the popular MTV show.

So with all the attention, he gets from women, who could have possibly won his heart? We know that the star is clearly popular with the girls, and he has surely dated many beautiful women. But who could be the one he’s with right now? Let’s find out!

Tyler Posey Girlfriend: Who is Tyler Posey Dating in 2021?

Is Tyler Posey in a relationship?

According to many sources, Tyler is possibly single right now! Most recently, he was rumored to have been seeing Sophia Ali, the actress who plays Dr. Dahlia in Grey’s Anatomy. However, in December 2019, Posey confirms that the rumors were false.

Though people assumed they began dating back in 2017, Tyler confirms that he was in fact, single. Currently, Tyler has not been seen with anyone else. So, it is safe to say that he may be single right now. Prior to the rumors with Sophia, Tyler’s name popped up consistently with Bella Thorne, you know, the old Disney star.

Tyler Posey Girlfriend: Who is Tyler Posey Dating in 2021?

Their relationship started in the year 2016. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last very long. Bella and Tyler took to Twitter to confirm the breakup to their fans. Also, pictures of Bella Thorne and Charlie Puth began circulating around the internet right after the breakup, which came off “misleading”.

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Tyler Posey’s highschool sweetheart

Before anything else, back in middle school, Tyler met a gorgeous girl named Seana Gorlick. At the beginning of his Teen Wolf career, Tyler was dating Seana who works as a makeup artist. In 2013, Tyler popped the question to Seana however, their long relationship ended the same year.

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