The Masked Dancer Episode 5 Release Date, Preview & Watch Online

The first episode of the masked dancer, an American television show in which contestants dance but they are in full, head to toe costumes. this makes dancing more fun and challenging. the host of this show is Craig Robinson. he got famous because of a sit-com named The Office. you have also seen him in Brooklyn 99.

The judges of this dancing show are Paula Abdul, Ken Jeong, Ashley Tisdale, and of course Brian Austin Green. The show was first aired on the 27th of December, last year on Fox. It had been in production from the starting of last year but got postponed because of the Covid-19 widespread.

The Masked Dancer Episode 5 Release Date, Preview & Watch Online:


Episode 5 of this show has been titled, ‘final six’. The name is quite obvious. As we know the elimination of, Elizabeth Smart as Moth, Brian McKnight as Cricket, Bill Nye as an ice cube, and Ice-T as a disco ball. We will move ahead in this episode with the final six. Group A has 3 participants and Group B has 3 participants.

They will perform in front of the panelist as well as a guest who will be, Whitney Cummings. Those who will be performing in this episode in costumes are Exotic Bird, Hammerhead, Cotton Candy, Tulip, Zebra, and Sloth. one of them will be eliminated and will walk out removing their costumes.

The Masked Dancer Episode 5 Release Date, Preview & Watch Online:


Fox Studios have announced that the fifth episode will be aired on the 27th of January, this year. You can stream this show on Fox cable TV if you have it. If you don’t have one, you can open Fox’s website and watch it online. they also have their mobile apps, you can also stream this show on that app. HULU is another platform on which you can watch this show.

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