The Masked Dancer Episode 4 Reveal: Cricket, Hammerhead & Tulip Unmasked

The Masked Dancer kicked off the first season with 10 masked contestants, who perform in different dance styles concealing their identities. In the latest episode, that aired on January 20, the identity of the Cricket was revealed and seemingly was eliminated. The reality competition started back on December 27, 2021, and until now, four contestants have been eliminated.

On Wednesday’s Episode 4, fans learnt the identity of the celebrity who was wearing a Cricket costume. The contestant is Grammy-nominated singer, Brian McKnight. McKnight performed for the second time under Cricket costume in the show to the song This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan. He had danced to Jump (For My Love), by the Pointer Sisters previously in the first episode.


After dancing to the song, This Is How We Do It, the panellists were asked to guess the person hiding behind the costume. McKnight — while in a costume — used two words, accomplished and all-star as a part of show’s clue-dropping feature, Word Up. Among the panellists, only Paula Abdula guessed correct with McKnight while other including guest Rob Lowe guessed wrong.

Hammerhead, Tulip, and Exotic Bird moved to Super Six

Ken Jong guessed Micheal Phelps, Ashley Tisdale guessed Ashton Kutcher, and Brian Austin Green guessed the Cricket as Ryan Lochte. Meanwhile, guest panellist, Rob Lowe also guessed Ryan Lochte. Abdula was able to guess the identity correct after picking up an image of a knight in the clue package set up by Cricket. The other performances on Wednesday’s episode were from Exotic Bird, Hammerhead, and Tulip.

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Since McKnight’s Cricket has been eliminated, Exotic Bird, Hammerhead, and Tulip will proceed to Super Six. The upcoming episode, Super Six, will air on January 27, 2021, where the safe contestants from Wednesday’s episode will join Cotton Candy, Zebra, and Sloth. Apart from Cricket, Moth, Ice Cube, and Disco Ball have been already eliminated from the Masked Singer’s sister show.

Hammerhead and Tulip’s identity hasn’t been disclosed but fans have already sussing who might they be. Mike Sorrentino aka The Situation from Jersey Shore may potentially be the person behind Hammerhead costume. And, it is for certain that whoever is behind the Tulip costume is a trained gymnast or a dancer. Tulip performed another ballet routine to the song, Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy.

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