Brad Pitt Girlfriend 2021: Who is He Dating In 2021? Know all about it here!

Today, we will talk about one of the most handsome and gorgeous Hollywood actors – Brad Pitt. This stunning American actor has done so many good movies that it is difficult to just make a brief list to let you in on a glimpse of his successful career.

Brad Pitt has done many famous movies such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Fight Club, Inglorious Basterds, Seven and so much more. His performances have made him one of the most successful actors of not just his time but even in this generation.

Age just seems like a number on him because he sure is aging very well. His looks are still worth dying for and his potential just keeps getting better and better.

But, coming to his love life. As fans of Brad Pitt, we are sure you would be willing to get an insight into who he is currently. Well, keep reading the article for the reveal you all might be curious about.

Who is Bradd Pitt dating right now?

As we are moving forward in the modern era, the idea of relationship and dating also seems to be ever-changing and evolving. The people are changing their ideas about what a relationship is. Not only that, their idea of what commitment seems to have a new meaning.

In context to that, let’s talk about the open relationship that Brad’s new girlfriend has with her, wait for it – husband. Yes, you read that right. The current girlfriend of Brad Pitt is Nicole Poturalski. She is a 26-year-old model who is married to her 68-year-old husband name Roland Mary.

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Both of them met at the Oscar Award event where Brad was receiving an award for his movie – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. After that, they were also spotted at a concert three months later, hanging out together.

Brad Pitt Girlfriend 2021: Who is He Dating In 2021? Know all about it here!

While the fans may have mixed feelings about their relationship together, her husband Roland seems to be having no comment on the whole situation.

What is the view of the public about their relationship?

Talking about the reaction to this whole situation, maybe it is safe to say that different people have different opinions about it. Some of us are still a fan of the old school love while some of us are more open to new ideas and meaning of love.

But what so ever, it is a fact now that love and relationship along with the whole idea of commitment are now changing and evolving as each year passes by. The fun fact is, it has nothing to do with the age group that is adapting to these ideas.

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