Why did James Gunn Fire Will Smith From Suicide Squad Reboot? Know all about it here!

The brainchild of David Ayer, Suicide Squad was released in 2016 as a standalone film. This film consisted of all the famous DC heroes that you could think of. From Batman to Joker to Harley Quinn, it had it all. Suicide Squad was very well executed by Ayer as he captured the essence of all the characters by carefully examining their original stories from the DC comics.

Suicide Squad was meant to be a stand-alone film. In fact, at most, the fans were expecting a single sequel to the movie with David Ayer as director. However, that is not the case. James Gunn has been hired by Warner Bros to direct the sequel to this standalone movie and the fans are very excited to see what he has in mind.

Is Will Smith making a return in the sequel of the movie Suicide Squad?

No matter how much you love the movie, the special part of the movie is that every character had a role that left an imprint on us which was so strong. So let’s talk about one of the deadliest characters from the movie – Deadshot. Deadshot was the character that everyone was drooling over, not only for his assassinating character but also for the soft spot he had for his daughter.

But, despite the fact of how good he was in the first movie, will he be making a return in the sequel by James Gunn? The answer is – no. Rumor has it that the reason he’s not returning to the sets for this movie is due to his schedule issues.

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However, the curious matter is that we have not yet heard of anything that Smith might be involved or busy in publically, so is this reason really true? Because let’s imagine a sequel movie of Suicide Squad without Deadshot in it, and it definitely looks incomplete. So what exactly does Gunn has in mind?

Suicide Squad Sequel release date.

The sequel to this stand-alone movie is said to be released on August 6th, 2021. We are definitely very curious to see what James Gunn has planned for us because we have also heard that a couple of other characters along with Will Smith will not be returning to the new release.

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