Bling Empire’s Andrew Gray getting Slammed for Being ABUSIVE to GF in the Show

Netflix’s new reality show is gaining recognition and not for a good reason. Netflix gained their audience’s attention when they decided to give an insight into the rich world of the Asian community that resided in LA.

People were mesmerized with the world of private jets, expensive couture wizardry, expensive million dollars parties, extravagant trips, and billion-dollar fortunes.

They got the opportunity to look inside the most lavish lifestyle of one of the richest communities in the entire world. And, people were absolutely in love with their world until they started noticing things. This little guide will tell you why Netflix’s Bling Empire is in the news on all the social media platforms.

Bling Empire's Andrew Gray getting Slammed for Being ABUSIVE to GF in the Show

About Bling Empire

After producing super-hit reality shows like Love Island, Tiger King, Below Deck, Netflix had one more reality show for their audience to love. This reality show is an eight-part series showcasing the extremely rich Asian and Asian American people located in Los Angeles.

According to many viewers, this show is the real-life version of Crazy Rich Asians, filled with top-notch botox, couture, expensive wardrobes, and lavish parties. This reality show also includes scenes with Kelly Mi li (35 years old) and her handsome boyfriend named Andrew (33 years old), who were in Power Rangers from 2013 to 2014.

The Main Issue With The Show

Bling Empire's Andrew Gray getting Slammed for Being ABUSIVE to GF in the ShowThe viewers had a problem with the show because of the abusive and toxic nature between the couple. In one of the scenes, it was seen that the actor was yelling when the actress wanted to get out of the hotel without him.

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The actor was napping when Kelly decided that she had to get out and do some shopping. When Andrew woke up, he saw that his girlfriend was not with him, which made him very angry. He called her and started shouting at her for leaving their room without telling him.

As per Andrew’s behavior, the audience has already categorized him as a toxic, manipulative, and controlling boyfriend who is too insecure even to allow his partner to have an independent lifestyle. Many have called him a living and breathing epitome of a red flag. His toxic behavior has been a cause of concern among most of the fans currently watching Netflix’s Bling Empire.


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