Solo Leveling Chapter 137: Will Jin-woo Defeat the Dungeon Boss? Release Date, Preview and Read Online

Sung Jin-woo has been fighting giants all these times but still hasn’t defeated the boss. He has slain around 29 giants up till now, but he hasn’t reached the dungeon boss yet. These giants, whom he has been fighting are monstrous and powerful as previous dungeon bosses, he had fought. In the latest chapter, Jin-woo is still fighting the monstrous giants that appeared from the S Rank gate.

The next chapter, number 137, will release next week. Every new chapter of the manhwa releases in one week gap on Wednesday. The chapter 137 will release on Wednesday, 27 January 2021. Solo Leveling’s publisher first releases the manhwa in Korean language and then release in the English version. The Korean version releases at midnight Korean Standard Time next week.

Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Preview

In the latest chapter, Jin-woo was fighting a giant monster in Tokyo. The giant was more powerful and disastrous than the previous 29 giants he had fought. Jin-woo arrived in Japan to protect the people from the threat of giants following the appearance of S Rank gate. Yuri Orlove, the S Rank Hunter from Russia died while fighting the giants in the gate earlier in Japan arc.

Sung Jin-woo created his shadows in four groups to fight the monsters all over Tokyo and all of Japan. The monster, with whom he fought in the latest chapter is overwhelmingly stronger than the previous monsters. People watching the deadly battle from afar were shocked and thrilled. They claimed that the battle Jin-woo is fighting isn’t a battle between a hunter and monster, rather a battle between two monsters.

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After a lengthy battle, Jin-woo used the skill called Mutilate to kill the monster. Jin-woo commanded one of his shadow groups, Beru to use the skill. The shadow Beru has been leading the ant army and he quickly accepted the command from Jin-woo. Jin-woo was shocked at the end to learn that the humongous monster wasn’t a boss. After killing the monster, a message popped that wrote an enemy has been defeated.

The protagonist would probably fight the dungeon boss in the next chapter as he has already fought 30 boss-like giants.

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