Harry Brant Net Worth 2021

Today here we talk about a person with very unfortunate luck whose name is none other than Harry Brant. Now, here comes the question who is Harry Bryant? and why we here talk about him?

I think if you are a Hollywood lover then you may know about this great personality. But if you are not, then we tell you about him in the following paragraph.

Harry Brant Net Worth 2021

Who is Harry Bryant?

Harry Bryant is son of Peter Bryant who is a billionaire himself, and her mother name is Stephanie Seymour.

Now let’s look our eyes towards his career. So, he made debut in Vanity Fair at the age of 16. On that same year he worked for Network Magazine. Within a few months he worked in some fashion show, attending some very prestigious A listed event. In that same time, he attended the eminent show named Met Gala.

Harry Brant Net Worth 2021

But when everything gone right, then comes the twist in his life. He fight against the most undefeatable enemy addiction. He was 24 when he have to go rehab center. But before entering the rehab center, Unfortunately, he passed away. This gonna be considered as a huge loss of Hollywood Industry.

Net worth

Now comes the question how rich he is. So, according to the source, it’s come to know that his net worth is 1million us dollars to 5 million Us dollars. This amount can show that how big a personality and how creative an actor he was.

Harry Brant Net Worth 2021

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