Apple is Returning MagSafe on Macbook Pro 2021, No Touch Bar Rumors and More

Rumours on the new leak design of the Macbook pro-2021 is out. Many new features are arriving for the new Macbook but some older ones will be leaving us too. In November, both the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air came with a powerful micro ship M1. The internal functioning of the devices was extraordinary and never failed to satisfy customers.

However, the outer design of the Macbook never really carried a shock value. It has remained stale throughout the years and at most, the changes would apply to the thickness of the sides.

To counter this issue, Apple is seemingly processing a full industrial redesign. Bloomberg confirms that Apple is in fact already in the process of redesigning the devices for 2021. In the new and updated version, the device will lose a huge feature but also return a favorite one.

What does the redesign look like?

Firstly, the Macbook Pro will bring back the Magsafe and put an end to the touch bar. The touch bar, to begin with, has never been anybody’s favorite. When it first popped by in 2016, it was pretty inconvenient.

In contrast, the magnetic MagSafe charging port will likely return. This seems to be an old favorite and will definitely make a return. It also gives users quick charging so that’s a win!

Apple is Returning MagSafe on Macbook Pro 2021, No Touch Bar Rumors and More

In addition to the big addition and omission of features, screens would be brighter and the device will be inclusive of the next-gen M chips. As for the outer design, there looks like minor changes.

These include square sides similar to the design of the iPad pro. Apple always comes out with simple and sleek designs so it is uncertain as to how much it will change.

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As for the price and release date, we’ll mostly see the release of this Macbook Pro by the middle of 2021.

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