Nvidia May Re-Start Production of Crypto Mining GPUs.

Nvidia is an American multinational technology company. It manufacturers graphic processing units (GPU) that are used for gaming purposes.

Nvidia is also a chip maker for mobile computing. After expanding in all the fields of technology, it also helped scientists and researchers to experience lag-free work. Now, Nvidia could restart the production of crypto mining GPUs very soon. Let’s see why!

Nvidia May Re-Start Production of Crypto Mining GPUs.


The production of crypto mining GPUs is said to be restarted by its CFO Colette Kress.

In an event which was held on 12th January, Kress said,”If crypto demand begins or if we see a meaningful amount, we can use the opportunity to restart the CMP product lines to address ongoing mining demands”. But why CMPs are so important? This is because CMPs are used to remove the video outputs that every gamer needs.

However, according to an RBC analyst, Nvidia sold out around a 175million dollars worth of Ampere GPUs to ETA.

Are demands very high?

It seems that Nvidia is not sure about the exact demand for CMP. Kress said,” We don’t have visibility on how much of RTX 30 Series and demand comes from mining. So, we don’t believe it is a big part of our business today”.

Nvidia May Re-Start Production of Crypto Mining GPUs.

She continued by saying that gaming nowadays have great demand and thus their current supply of the crypto mining GPUs are very less in number in front of such high demand. Gamers want to buy it to enjoy smooth processing while gaming.

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GPUs are used for the mining of coins such as ETH that is Ethereuem’s ether whereas Application-specific Integra circuits (ASIC) are used for mining bitcoins and are very costly.

If the production restarts then it is probably good news for gamers all around the world.

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