DuckDuckGo Is Google’s Fierce Competitor: Traffic Increases By 62%

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that offers one of the best privacy policies for searchers. It does not track you or your data and also does not provide personalized search items. Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo provides you with the only necessary information and nothing more.

It generates search results without having to store your personal information or track your history. Additionally, your information will not pass over to third parties. While Google definitely has more searches at 3.5 billion each day, DuckDuckGo’s traffic is gradually increasing over time.

According to USA Today, the search engine’s has increased their daily search by 62% in 2020. This is because users today prefer higher standards on privacy policies and want to avoid data tracking.

As Kamyl Bazbaz, vice president of DuckDuckGo puts it, everyone is looking for stronger privacy. Also, it’s likely that more users come on the platform each day through “word of mouth”.

DuckDuckGo’s Strict Privacy Policies

DuckDuckGo is available on IOS and android. Further, it can be found in a google extension as well. Google functions successfully by collecting user’s information like search activity or recent purchases.

This information usually passes on to third-party companies like advertising and thus, Google services function at their prime. Since Whatsapp also is changing its policies, other apps like Signal and Telegram are gaining attention.

DuckDuckGo Is Google's Fierce Competitor: Traffic Increases By 62%

Nowadays, people are looking for the right places to give out their information without having their data tracked. Users prefer crisp and direct search results along with increased privacy. No more are users willing to give away their personal data and information for the sake of optimizing Google services.

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Today, DuckDuckGo has over 65 million users with almost 100 million searches per day! The growth prospect of DuckDuckGo is immense. We definitely understand why people would trust this search engine more as privacy is its special feature.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy search engine where your information won’t be tracked, DuckDuckGo is honestly a great pick. Now with its traffic increasing day by day, it’ll probably go stronger to get more users.

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