Devil is a Part Timer Season 2: Everything We Know Going into 2021

“Hataraku Maō-sama!” which translates to “The Devil Is A Part-Timer” is an anime adapted by the light novel. The novel is written by Satoshi Wagahara and was published in early 2011. As the novel got increasingly popular, White Fox created the anime of the same name.

Fans can finally see the characters and story come to life in animation. In this article, we will dig deeper into everything we know about season 2. Continue reading on to find out more!

Devil is a Part Timer Season 2: Everything We Know Going into 2021

Will a season 2 exist?

The first season was an absolute show-stopper. It is packed with humour, fantasy and action, leaving fans thirsty for a new season! However, the author claims that interest alone will not make the cut. In most anime production, money is a huge factor.

Only if it commercially possible to shoot a new season will it exist. As the author says “anime is also a business”.

Even despite this, there are still chances for a new season. Since the first only covers a few of the many volumes of the novel, there is plenty of material. The show was extremely popular among fans as soon as it came out so maybe another studio will take over.

Devil is a Part Timer Season 2: Everything We Know Going into 2021

For many fans, it is tragic to not have another season. The first only has 13 episodes so hopefully, we get to see our characters back in action soon! Everyone is pumped to have the new season out so we hope White Fox and creators hear our prayers!

About the show

Demon Lord Satan, the central character of the show gets defeated in a battle and escapes into the human world. He is clearly a standout but attempts to blend in with the humans. He conceals his identity by becoming a regular fast-food employee.

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Unfortunately, he is trapped in an unusual world where his powers deem useless. Essentially, characters appear from another dimension and must make effort to survive in the human world. Will they get used to life in this world? How do they adjust to this world where they can’t use their powers?

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