Carnival Row Season 2: Everything We Know Going into 2021

Carnival Row Season 2 is set to release by 2022. The first season‘s release alone turned out to be a huge hit. Because of the casting choice and its amazing plot, it is indeed a must-watch on Amazon Prime!

The casting includes Cara Delevigne and Orlando Bloom as the main leads. It only takes the first few episodes to get yourself hooked into the fantasy world. Once you’ve propelled into this world, it’s hard to escape.

If you’re interested to know more about the upcoming season, this article will help you out!

Carnival Row Season 2: Everything We Know Going into 2021

Will there be a Carnival Row Season 2?

Yes! The next season of Carnival Row will release in later 2021. Because of the pandemic, the dates were pushed further. The show was initially set to come out by 2020. However, we can only expect the next season to pop by in late 2021 or early 2022. The first season of the show came out on 30 August 2019.

The plot follows mythical creatures who appear in a city which creates tension between citizens. Amidst the fantasy elements, the show also has an underlying crime drama feel to it.

Everything about the show- from the costume design to the plot, gives a fantastic illusion of surrealism. Because of its uniqueness, it is no surprise that fans await a new season! In the first season, there were only 8 episodes. Hopefully, the plot expands with Carnival Row Season 2 to follow up with!

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Carnival Row Season 2: Everything We Know Going into 2021

About the show

The dark fantasy-themed Amazon prime series has a crime layout. The plot follows mythical creatures who fled their homeland and wander into the city life.

The city people also wish to get rid of these creatures and pave no way for their existence. Without spoiling much of the show, the plot centers around solving crimes caused by the war. There is plenty of abuse, power, and drama to look forward to in the series.

To conclude, there has been no official dates given out for season 2 however, we can expect it somewhere in this year.

Carnival Row Season 2 Update

Carnival Row has grabbed our attention with its amazing uniqueness not only the storyline but even the cast is also carefully chosen. The second season is awaited eagerly which is supposed to be released soon. Amazon plans to release the 1st 5 episodes early and last three after the production is completed. The pandemic surely has halted many things and has affected the media outlets. We expect it to be released by mid-2021 with many new faces on it. New faces come with new bends in storyline and we should surely be excited for that. Let’s keep our finger crossed.

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