Chernobyl Director and Queen’s Gambit creator Scoot Frank Teaming up for new Sci-Fic Show.

The new generation very well know about Science fiction shows as we all are watching plenty of such shows. Now, the Director of Chernobyl- Johan Renck and creator of Queen’s Gambit- Scoot Frank are coming with a similar thing. Bot the well know faces have teamed up for a new Sci-Fic show ” The Sparrow “.

The Emmy winner Johan and famous creator Scott are ready to suprise us with a masterpiece. “The Sparrow” is adapted from Mary Doria Russell’s novel named The Sparrow. The title of the show has been kept same as the novel.We could definitely expect alot from these two masterminds and their upcoming show.

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“The Sparrow” will be a part of FX production. Moreover, Scott will be writing all the episodes as well as produce the show along with Johan Renck. Besides this, the show is expected to have a nice budget after looking at the plot of the show. The cast is yet to be decided. Let’s have a brief knowledge of the storyline of the show.

Chernobyl Director and Queen's Gambit creator Scoot Frank teaming up for new Sci-Fic Show.


The story of The Sparrow will revolve around a group of Jesuit priests and scientists. The story has its plot set in the future of 2019. Father Emilio Sandaz, a linguist will be leading the group. However, they all together will be travel into the Solar system. There they will come in contact with am extraterrestrial species.

Apart from this they will find out a new form of life there. Meanwhile, the people living in the planet plan to cause a war between the two groups of species living there. During the war many of them loose their lives as well as destroy the inhabitants. The war ends up with a great disaster. It continues till 2060. At the end, only one man manage to survive i.e , Father Sandoz.

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Chernobyl Director and Queen's Gambit creator Scoot Frank teaming up for new Sci-Fic Show.

As soon as the priest returns to Earth, he gets inquired by the Vatican about the things that he faced in the planet. Besides this, the Vatican were keen to know about the existence of God in the universe.

The religious science fiction show will definitely come with a blast. It seems to very happening. All we can do is wait for the show to start.

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