Paul Walker Death and his Legacy still affect movies in 2021.

If you have been a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, then Paul Walker is definitely there in your heart. Paul William Walker is best known for his role as Brian O’ Conner in F9 franchise. We lost this well-known actor on 30th November 2013. But deep inside, he is always there among us. Let’s have a look at the beautiful journey of his life.

Where did his career start?

Paul was born on 12th September 1973. He started his career as a child actor in 1980s. Paul’s first on-screen appearance was in daily soap ” The Young and the Restless “. Since then, he started climbing up the ladders of success. Then came the Fast and the Furious franchise which made him popular internationally. Some of his great films include Joy Ride, Eight Below, Flags of Our Father, Hours and Takers.

How did Paul lose his life?

Paul died at the age of 40 on November 30, 2013. The reason was a terrible car accident. It was the time when he was shooting for Furious 7. His friend Roger Rodas was driving the car and Paul was sitting beside him. Roger lost his control on his car and the car got crashed. The car striked a lamp post and trees due to which it caught fire.

Paul Walker Death and his Legacy still affect movies in 2021.

However, both Roger and Paul died due to trauma and severe burns. The investigation was done after Paul’s father filed a wrongful death claim. After the investigation, the cause of death was clear. The cause of death came out to be car’s high speed and immediate shocks. However, no alcohol or drugs was found around them.

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We lost a beautiful actor and a pure soul. Paul was even unable to complete the filming of Furious 7. All his co-actors, relatives, friends and family were broken and shared their grief over his death.  Later on August 11 in the year 2018, a documentary film was released named ‘I am Paul’ based on Paul’s life history. Besides this, the song ‘See You Again’ sung by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth was added in Paul’s last F9 movie as a tribute to him.

Paul’s legacy still affect upcoming movies

Paul is remembered among many and he left a great impact on many of his fans and closed ones. He has given us happiness through his incredible work in F9 franchise. It’s been eight years since we lost him but his legacy still affects the upcoming films.

Paul Walker Death and his Legacy still affect movies in 2021.

Some people considered Paul to be an average actor. They used to think that Paul used to get roles in movies for his good looks and action scenes. But these people did not notice his hardwork and his great acting in many movies such as Running Scared and Hours.

Paul Walker Death and his Legacy still affect movies in 2021.

The F9 franchise always feels Paul’s loss as no other actor can take his place. Of screen, Paul was a different person- very calm and simple. He used to do work by his own beliefs and principles. Paul’s passion for his work was commendable. He has not worked in plenty of movies but whatever number of movies he has worked for, his worth is still recognized. Thats why we say quality matters, quantity doesn’t.

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Even in 2021, several directors who have worked with Paul before want to have an actor like him for their movies. He will always be alive in our hearts. No other actor can take his place.

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