A Teacher Season 2 is Not happening, Kate Mara Confirms

In case you have been wondering whether there will a second season to the FX series A Teacher, the suspense is over as Kate Mara, the star and co-producer of the show has confirmed so. A Teacher ran for 10 episodes, with the finale premiered on December 29, 2020.

A Teacher Season 2 is Not Happening, Kate Mara Confirms

About the Series

A Teacher was originally a 2013 movie produced and directed by Hannah Fidell. The movie was loosely based on her personal experiences of being sexually abused.

The movie was later adapted into a 10 episode miniseries with Fidell returning as the producer and director. It stars Kate Mara and Nick Robinson as the lead characters. The show aired on FX on Hulu streaming service on November 10, 2020.

A Teacher Season 2 is Not Happening, Kate Mara Confirms

The story is about Claire Wilson, a young high school teacher who begins a relationship with one of her students, Eric Walker. With every episode, the viewers get to go deeper into the dynamics. A Teacher unfolds the intricacies a teacher-student affair can have, with consequences that are not limited to the two.

What Happened in the Finale?

The last episode of the series takes a time leap as Claire and Eric run into each other at a grocery store after ten years. After meeting his friends at the high school reunion, Eric receives a text from Claire, inviting him for lunch.

A Teacher Season 2 is Not Happening, Kate Mara Confirms

At the lunch, Eric tells Claire how he continued to blame himself, eventually reaching the conclusion that she was the one to blame. Claire feels responsible and regretful for her actions and apologises to Eric. She explains how people still judge her for her past deeds. Eric finally leaves but not before saying that they will have to live with it.

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What Does Kate Say?

The show was received well by the audience. Because of the sensitivity of the plot, Fidell and anti sexual violence organisation RAINN provided modes to connect with viewers who have faced sexual abuse. For this, every episode began and ended with a disclaimer that the show contains content which can be uncomfortable to watch.

A Teacher Season 2 is Not Happening, Kate Mara Confirms

As for Kate Mara, she explains why the show has concluded. On a personal note, she did wish they were doing more seasons of it. But the makers had planned for a single season right from the start. She further explains that it would be difficult to make a second season as in the end, their characters are older. We agree with that, honestly.

The House of Cards star does feel optimistic about the impact A Teacher will have. She hopes that the show will allow more such stories to be told, with different perspectives.

A Teacher told the story from a male victim’s perspective. According to Mara, portraying a rare situation like this would make it less taboo for men, especially the ones who have been through something like this, where they end up being ‘the survivor victim’.

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