Kevin Feige Confirm Charlie Cox’s Daredevil Role in Spider-Man 3

Several rumors and speculations have been flooding the internet over the past few months regarding the future projects of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige has addressed few of them while also announced the details of the upcoming projects, be it movies or original series. The studio will release several new titles and introduce new heroes in their ever-expanding cinematic universe in this year, after they were forced to suspend release due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Marvel fans were thrilled to hear about the rumors surrounding Matt Murdock aka Daredevil. Daredevil actor Charlie Cox has been linked to reprise his role as lawyer and vigilante in the upcoming third instalment of Spiderman Homecoming. Charlie Cox, in an interview with comicbook.com, mentioned that he would love to play Daredevil again but denied the fact that he will be appearing in Spiderman 3.

However, the buzz didn’t fade away and there were still rumors about his possible future in upcoming MCU film. Kevin Feige recently appeared at the WandaVision press event where he hinted about the possible return of Charlie Cox in Spiderman. He talked lots of stuffed about the Defenders and other Marvel shows that streamed in other platform and Netflix.

The attention-grabbing event was how he responded about the topic related to Charlie Cox. A reporter told Feige that fans have adored how good was Charlie Cox in the lead role in Netflix-Marvel show Daredevil. Feige didn’t responded with words but the camera captured his expression that was enough what to expect. When the reporter put a light on the subject, Feige just looked at the camera and smiled.

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Neither Sony nor Marvel Studios hasn’t confirmed about the involvement of Charlie Cox in the upcoming Spiderman movie. However the rumors claims that there are higher possibility of Cox appearing as Daredevil in Spiderman. Considering how the event concluded in Spiderman: Far From Home, Peter Parker may need the help of the lawyer to get out of the situation.



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