Daredevil Season 4 Possibly Returning on Disney+ with Charlie Cox

Chances of a new season of Daredevil may release with the help of Disney+. After three seasons of the show, Netflix decided in 2018 that it must end. Fans of the show were honestly hoping for Disney+ to take the series back. They even wanted Charlie Cox to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, a contract with Netflix and Charlie prevents this from happening until 2020 fall. The contract states that no other streaming platform can take up the show or the characters until two years of the cancellation.

Daredevil Season 4 Possibly Returning on Disney+ with Charlie Cox

This means that the contract should have ended by November 2020 leaving us to hope for a new season this year! Despite the good news, Cox tells comicbook.com that he does not really see the potential for a new season.

Since it’s already been two years of the show’s cancellation, a new season is probably out of the question. In spite of saying this, he would still give anything to play Daredevil again, whether it’s in MCU or in a new series.

Will Daredevil return?

Charlie Cox would love to play Daredevil again. However, the two-year gap makes it almost impossible. A long time has passed for all of the casts and production team to work on a new project. Schedules and contracts continue to change making a new season almost unlikely.

Daredevil Season 4 Possibly Returning on Disney+ with Charlie Cox

We still shouldn’t leave hope because Disney has everything they need to bring the show back.

This was one of the Marvel Netflix series that came to a halt before Disney+’s existence. Since a lot of the Marvel shows are set in the MCU, it would not be impossible for Disney+ to revive the show.

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Also, other Marvel shows like “Falcon and the Winter Solider”, “Wanda/Vision” will appear with Disney+. This means that Disney could possibly give Charlie a place for Daredevil.

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