David Harbour And Lilly Allen Relationship Timeline: Wedding Family And More! Read All about It Here!

Today we bring to you the very happy and love filled relationship between Lilly Allen and David Harbour. They had been dating since the year 2019 and are now married to each other. They seem to be amazingly happy together and their relationship seems like a peaceful one.

But how did they get to this point? What were the major steps they took to reach to a pedestal where they were taking vows in front of each other?

Their relationship timeline.

It all started with a date in 2019 when Lilly Allen and David Harbour decided to go on a date in a theatre. However, that didn’t stop there, after that they were also spotted at a boxing match together. They seem to be really enjoying each other’s companying because they seem to be okay with also being spotted multiple times in public. However, they were still pretty lowkey about their time together.

Like many other couples, their spark seems to be setting on fire at the famous show of Saturday Night Live. In fact, while harbor was performing, Lilly was pretty public about how she hyped him up and also called him hers on her social media.

Furthermore, a lot of their following public appearances confirmed the fact that they were pretty serious about each other. In the month of October in 2019, they were seen together in a lot of places like taking a walk in NYC, marking their marks on the red carpet for the first time and also attending a basketball game together where they seemed really happy, all laughing together and also taking selfies together.

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A lot happened in October including making their dating life official on their social media pages on Instagram on 28th of October. The following months were even sweeter on their part. Ranging from attending award shows together to Allen also planning a birthday party for Harbour, their love seems to be getting stronger by the day.

In April, while Lilly starts a rumor on her page of her engagement with harbour by uploading a picture where she is wearing a ring and captions the photo – ‘Needs Affirmation’. However, lets fast forward to the month of September where they actually get married!

They had a very intimate wedding with Lilly’s two children as guests in the wedding. Lilly wore a beautiful white dress by Dior and the happy couple went to have their wedding breakfast at a diner. It all seemed so pure and sweet that it makes us wonder and question the need for big fancy weddings.

Where is their relationship now?

Now, as they live happily marries with the two children of Lilly, they are also discussing plans to have more children with each other in the future.

In an interview, Lilly also explained that they actually were not going to announce their wedding as a public affair. They wanted to keep it private and get it done in Las Vegas. However, considering how famous and loved they are with their fan bases, it wasn’t long before their wedding news was tweeted all over the internet while they were leaving the wedding ceremony. It seems that they are still pretty happy with how everything panned out and are ready for a future together.

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