Samsung Galaxy Note 21 and Note 21 Ultra 5g Render Looks Out of This World

News and articles on the non-existing Samsung Galaxy Note 21 have been popping up lately. Questions flood on whether this will ever come into existence. Nonetheless, unofficial renders give us an idea of what it would look like and it is out of this world! The design and specs on these are pretty insane. If Samsung were to release phones like this, I’m sure there’d be queues for the same!

Samsung’s smartphones are currently one of the best in the market and there are hopes on an S21 series coming in soon. The Galaxy S21 is set to release on February 14th of this year. In addition to this, reports state that with the release of Note 20, there will be no more smartphones in the note series. If the phone ever did exist, it may look a little something like this.

Credit: letsgodigital

This design was created by a Dutch website called Letsgodigital based on the details and design that currently exists. The phone looks futuristic and almost legit. Of course, these are unofficial and do not really exist!

The design is not exaggerating as it combines the frame of the Note 20 Ultra along with the camera layout leaks in the S21 series. The camera layout in this design looks like a winner. It gives the phone a minimal yet advance look.

If this phone were to exist, it’ll likely have high-resolution cameras, wide lens and multiple zoom levels. The other design on this unofficial render does not look too off either. The stylus also looks extraordinary paired with the futuristic design of the phone. We love how they meticulously coloured the stylus according to the colour variations of the phone. Speaking of colours, the metallic and sturdy look to the phone is also mesmerising.

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