Nintendo Switch Pro will boast OLED display confirmed

Nintendo is a Japanese multinational electronics and video game company. The company gained recognition in the year 1985 after the launch of Nintendo Entertainment System. And now, the Nintendo Switch Pro is approaching with confirmed OLED display.

Nintendo Switch Pro release date and updates

The new Nintendo Switch Pro is the fourth version. Before this new version, you might have experienced the previous versions- Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch (upgraded battery) and Nintendo Switch Lite respectively.

Nintendo Switch Pro is estimated to be released in 2021. Moreover, it is also said to be a 4K supporter model. The exact release date is not known till now. Here’s a brief detail about the latest product.

Nintendo Switch Pro will boast OLED display confirmed


It will definitely be an upgraded version and will have a significant power boost. Moving on to the changes, it could have a processor of Nvidia Tegra Xavier, a 64GB SSD, around 2 USB- C ports and obviously a 4K video support.

Along with this, the confirmed change is the mini OLED display. You can enjoy a better efficiency because of this new display.

After having a battery test, the outcome was that the battery of Nintendo Switch Pro lasts twice more than the last models. It has Nvidia DLSS 2.0 support which will provide you with lag free and smooth functioning.

Top features

So lets start with the common one. You can play in TV, tabletops and in handled modes. But there’s something unique coming with the latest version. A health tracking device will pe there in it.

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Nintendo Switch Pro will boast OLED display confirmed

It will help you all to track your sleep as well as could detect your mood and might control it with it’s sensor.Not only this, the device is created in such a way that it could accompany health related games too. It is expected to have a better hardware.


What about the price guys? The last two models were $199 and $299 respectively. So we could expect the new Nintendo Switch Pro to be more than them. It is rumoured that the latest model will cost $399.

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