Chris Hemsworth Joining Miles Teller in Joseph Kosinski’s Sci-Fi Film ‘Spiderhead

Joseph Kosinski is coming up with a sci-fi movie named Spiderhead. Miles Teller is doing his third movie with Kosinski. Earlier, he did a Tom Cruise starer movie, Top Gun 2 and Only the Brave with Kosinski. Another co-star is Jurnee Smollet.


However, Spiderhead is adopted by a short story published in the New Yorker, 2010, “Escape From Spiderhead” by George Saunders. With Smollet and Miles, Chris Hemsworth, an American Actor is also in Spiderhead.

Chris Hemsworth Joining Miles Teller in Joseph Kosinski's Sci-Fi Film 'Spiderhead

“Great to be back on set shooting our Netflix film Escape from Spiderhead with director Joe Kosinski” posted by Chris Hemsworth on his Instagram account.

The story of Spiderman follows two convicts who agree to undergo a medical test for a shorter sentence. They are given drugs to alter their emotions and leading to free will and mind control which is run by a visionary brilliant.

Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller

Hemsworth took a long break in 2011 after he did Thor. He gained popularity worldwide and became the biggest film star. All of the fans are excited and can’t wait to see him again on screen.

Chris Hemsworth Joining Miles Teller in Joseph Kosinski's Sci-Fi Film 'Spiderhead

Miller Teller with his another venture with Joseph Kosinski will be seen in this picture as well.Top Gun 2 and Only the Grave, the coronavirus delayed movies of Teller with Kosinski will be released soon.

Of course, there is no official notice of the release date but it’s expected to release by next year. Until then keep reading for further details.

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