What is THX Sound and Log? Meaning Explained

Hey, here we come today with a tech news, which you need to know for updating yourself. Here in this article we are going to discuss about THX sound and log. If you want to know what is it and where it’s used then you have to stay till the end.

Let’s discuss what is THX sound and log.

What is THX?

So, first of all THX is neither a Device nor a machine, it’s a standardization of sound. THX is a standard as well as a certification for high-fidelity audio/visual reproduction. It’s also not a audio encoding format, it’s only assure that the audio or video presentation is produced exactly as the original creation.

This is basically used in cinemas, theatre, professional speaker, screening room, home theatre, car audio system etc place.

What is THX Sound and Log? Meaning Explained

Explanation of THX Sound and Log

From the previous paragraph, we come  know that, THX is not a recording technology or a encoding format. It’s only a quality assurance system which can only check the quality of system.

The setup is used mainly for equipment performance, producing good quality, control background noise etc. The company give certificate to their user as they performed some test. You can get certificate by paying the company , and after following procedure one can get it.

What is THX Sound and Log? Meaning Explained

The first process is evaluation and licensing, Design , approval. Then construction, renovation and testing happened. After those process the one can get certificate.

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