PS5 Price Bump Expected in 2021 After Recent Stock Out at Sony

The PS5 quickly went out of stock and is now trickier to find. Places like the US, however, saw heaps of restocking while in India, the release isn’t even out yet. Plenty of markets around the globe are still looking to get their hands on the PS5. Reports suggest that because of its high demand, many units have been shipped non-stop.

PS5 Price Spike Due To High Demands

Only within 4 weeks of the PS5 launch, Sony sold 3.4 million units! Due to its heavy demand, places like China and Hong kong spiked prices with such short supply. Sony has done itself well as soon as the launch was made.

PS5 Price Bump Expected in 2021 After Recent Stock Out at Sony

Even with the case in India, people are getting fired up for the delay in release. Indians are now pre-ordering and some even purchasing imported PS5s at a much higher price.

It’s no doubt that Sony needs to step its game out for the product to reach everywhere. In no time, we see reports showing how the company raises production by 50% of what was being produced prior.

This is great news as now there will be more play stations that will be restocked for fans. With all the added pressure from desperate fans worldwide, Sony will probably make the biggest sales with this console.

PS5 Price Bump Expected in 2021 After Recent Stock Out at Sony

2020 was just the beginning, things are going to be fired up in 2021. Sources say that Sony is planning to get up to 18 million units of PS5 production by next year! A lot of working is going into this just to fill in high demands from fans.

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For those who already have a PS5 in hand, the reviews are top-notch. Reviews say that the next-gen console offers seamless gameplay, dual sense controller and very obviously a futuristic design. The user interface is amazing to work with and you’re not likely to have your games crashing anytime soon.

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