Is Miles Heizer Gay? Miles Heizer and Connor Jessup Relationship Timeline

We all know who Miles Heizer is. But if you don’t. let me tell you. He is one of the best actors in the industry right now. He was a part of the amazing Netflix Show, with 13 reasons why. which tackled, bullies, mental illness, and suicidal thoughts in students of High School in the United States of America.

In that show, Miles Heizer played the part of Alex Standall. And he played it quite well. the emotions were right. we can feel him tackling through the mental health of his character.  He has worked in several other  TV shows like “ER”, “Nerve” and the movie “Love, Simon”.

Miles Heizer is Gay and Dating Connor Jessup

In the fans community of Miles Heizer, There has been a rumor for a long time about Him being Gay. But some recent events proved this rumor to be true. In a recent event, Connor Jessup (who is also a promising young star from Netflix.

He is in Locke and Key as Tyler, and people loved him) confirmed dating Miles Heizer from a Post, and fans around the world are going crazy. Twitter is filled with warm tweets. Connon posted a selfie with Miles wishing him a lovely valentines day. He was a little late but it was an amazing post.

Is Miles Heizer Gay? Miles Heizer and Connor Jessup Relationship Timeline

Miles Heizer Opens Up About His Sexuality

Miles Heizer knew He was gay since he was 13 years old. But as same as the LGBTQ+ community, He hid it for several years and hid all the pain and suffering behind it. Connor too came out after a long time.

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He said he belongs to a family of middle-class men and they as every family out there, we’re not going to respond well to him being Gay, so he kept it hidden for a long time. But now he was just tired and fed up with hiding his identity and came out. a little late but everything worked out.

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