Digimon Adventure Episode 31: Taichi Faces Another Huge Trouble While Saving Hikari, Release Date and Spoilers

Taichi has separated with his friends and younger sister, Hikari after SkullKnightmon appears and kidnaps her. Now, the elder brother along with his Digimon is on a new adventure to search and save Hikari. The evil army of Allomon and Megadramon burnt a village, hurting innocent Digimons in the process. Taichi and Agumon decide to save the Digimons by fighting against the army.

Sora later arrives with Garudamon to help his friend and together they defeat the evil army led by Tankdramon. However, another army of the evil Digimons arrives easily outnumbering Taichi and Sora. But, Taichi decides to fight against them so that Sora can help the other refugees escape to a safer place. Just when they thought that they had defeated all evil Digimons, a powerful Parrotmon appears.

The Parrotmon later evolves into Crossmon and easily defeats Metalgreymon and Taichi. Crossmon after overpowering MetalGreymon and Taichi spots Sora and other Digimons and follows them. Taichi wakes up sometime later and discovers that Metalgreymon has reverted back to its original form, Agumon. They refuse to give up and catch with Crossmon, who is following Sora and other.

Again, MetalGreymon and Taichi begin fighting against the Crossmon. This time MetalGreymon enters the mega evolution and evolves into the Mega Digimon, WarGreymon. With the newfound power in a mega evolution, WarGreymon easily overpowers the evil Digimons and destroys Crossmon.

The upcoming episode is titled A New Darkness, Millenniumon.

Taichi and his friends will continue the adventure to save her sister from Skullknightmon. Digimon Adventure Episode 31 will release on 10 January 2021, Sunday. The upcoming episode will air in its usual time slot of 9:00 AM JST in Japan. Crunchyroll and AnimeLab will also stream the anime television series on their respective platforms later for the international viewers.

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Digimon Adventure started airing on April 5, 2020, which is a reboot of the original anime series that aired in 1999. Takayoshi Tanimoto’s Mikakunin Hikousen is the current opening theme of the anime series.


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